Latest version

All our VR-kits available for rent are fully maintained and updated with the latest version of the software.

However, in case you have your own VR-ready hardware, you can find the latest version of our VR-based training experience:

HP VR-based Service Training [V4.0] (2.36 GB)
Release date: 26. August 2022

Please note: This version only runs on authorized computers, so please send us a short email so we can register your computer.
Here the command to check the SN of your computer: WMIC BIOS GET SERIALNUMBER


Version 4.0

Change-Log V4.0_11.94.189: 

  • New Device added (HP LaserJet Managed E800 Series)
  • New Start Environment
  • New Kiosk UI
  • Improved Tablet interface for all devices
  • Laserjed Developer unit replacement task added


Version 3.0

Change-Log V3.0_10.93.149: 

  • PageWide Pro 577 - PrintBar Assembly Replacement
  • PageWide Enterprise Color MFP 586 - Print Mechanism Replacement
  • Users can now walk in VR environment using the joystick in addition to teleportation
  • reset position button - allows to relocate to in front of the device without restarting the task
  • Current session stats -  shows the amount of time you are in VR, number of tasks completed vs total tasks, etc.
  • Option for Left-handed users
  • Options to start new task, restart current task, select another device
  • Overall improvements and bug fixes


Version 2.1 

 Change-Log V2.1_08.92.140: 

  • Laserjet Enterprise -  Embeded video tutorial
  • Laserjet Enterprise -  Troubleshooting Toner Reservoir
  • Laserjet Enterprise - updated Video controls for paper path
  • Overall improvements and bug fixes


Change-Log V2.1_08.91.110: 

  • Paper Path simulation for Laserjet Enterprise with joystick controls
  • Paper path sensor failure simulation/troubleshooting with error codes and direct sensor interaction including simulation controls


Change-Log V2.1_08.90.105

  • Both Laserjet and PageWide Enterprise service experiences now have distance answer selection beam so that users do not need to teleport to the screen
  • HDD replacement task now guides you through the process of firmware installation using USB flash drive and the control panel
  • New splash screen
  • Screws now have more natural sound instead of motorized tool sound


Change-Log V2.1_08.88.103:

  • New Tablet buttons design and flow across both PWE and Laserjet Enterprise showing task times
  • New Questions system – after answering the test questions at the end of the tasks the screen shows and explanation to why the answer is correct
  • New task added to PWE – Tray 2 rollers replacement
  • New task added to Laserjet Enterprise -  ADF replacement
  • New task added to Laserjet Enterprise – Fuser replacement
  • New task added to Laserjet Enterprise – ITB replacement
  • New task added to Laserjet Enterprise – Scanner Glass replacement
  • New task added to Laserjet Enterprise – Formatter HDD replacement
  • New task added to Laserjet Enterprise – High Voltage Power Supply (HVPS) replacement
  • New and simplified ghost system – you no longer need to aim at a specific item ghost to place it on the table
  • Parts that were removed off of the printer now stay on the table for the added realism
  • Certain tasks now include additional visual highlights
    • ADF replacement indicates correct part alignment,
    • HVPS task allows you to take a picture in VR to better remember cable connections
  • Task times are shown now in tablets for both devices
  • In every task now you need to shut down the device and unplug it from the power source

We  hope you will find these new features useful and looking forward to your feedback

Your Intracon VR development team