HP VR kit for Service Trainings (HP Omen Laptop)


What are Virtual Reality (VR) Service Trainings?

Virtual Reality Service Trainings are targeted to provide remote HP channel partners with the equivalent of a full in-class training experience, without the assistance of an in-person trainer or device. Using Virtual Reality, students enter an immersive classroom environment, using an HP Z VR backpack, where they come face-to-face with the device. Users will then be able to select service tasks via a 3D text menu interface. These tasks will be leveraged from the HP service manual and will walk the user through different core printer processes, including disassembly and assembly, while familiarizing themselves with the hardware along the way.

Do I need any other equipment to be able to use this VR Service Training?



Are VR Service Trainings a substitute to traditional Class-room Trainings?

No! But in case where devices are not available or students can not attend a real-life class room training, VR Service Trainings are a great way to learn how to perform required services tasks using your virtual screw drivers.